The arrival of summer brings with it the desire to experience open spaces, even better if with a sea view or in the midst of nature. After all, is this the time of year when we divide ourselves between trips out of town, trips, holidays and outings with friends?

But how to dress to always be at the top even in very high temperatures ? The summer uniform is actually an evergreen. These are long and fresh summer dresses, even better if combined with flat sandals and slippers.

Ready to discover the best models to create glamorous and practical looks to wear even on vacation?

Summer dresses: the must-haves of the season

Why summer dresses come back strongly every year, imposing themselves as a must have, it is easy to say. They allow us, alone, to create looks suitable for any occasion both day and night.

The very light fabrics allow us to wear very light garments to wear all day, both for work and for personal commitments, guaranteeing maximum comfort even during the hottest days.

Just choose the right dress, combine it with colorful accessories and voilà: that's it.

Flounces, lace and oversized models

This year's trends adapt to the needs and preferences of all of us. From dresses with flounces , perfect for all occasions, passing through sensual lace models to oversized ones, to be worn even at work.

There is, of course, no shortage of colors . They are sparkling, iridescent and natural, just like the season we are experiencing. 

There is also no lack of more neutral colors for those who prefer not to dare. Yes also to black, midnight blue and dark colors in general, as long as they are used only for gallant dates and for evening engagements.

All white

Absolute protagonist of the season is non-color: white.

Seductive, fresh and graceful , this color is perfect for looks to show off during the hot season.

On vacation, combined with a straw hat and bag, or in the city in its maxi, practical and comfortable version.

> A look by day that, with the right accessories, can transform itself into super glamorous outfits for the holidays or for aperitifs by the sea.

Summer dresses: holiday fantasies

If it is true that color is the absolute protagonist of this season, it is also true that this literally explodes on our clothing items through the most disparate patterns.

The summer dresses, in fact, are long, fresh and with colorful patterns , perfect to show off during trips out of town and on holidays.

Very long and maxi for day looks , to show off every day and for every engagement, while those for elegant occasions are more adherent.

In fact, let's not forget that summer is also the season for ceremonies . The summer dresses with the most refined fabrics, which do not skimp on details, are perfect for those invited to weddings , baptisms and celebrations, but also for more formal events.

Not sure which one to choose? Take a look at our selection of summer dresses to buy directly on the website.