Summer brings with it a great desire to show off colorful, sparkling and cheerful looks, even if the creation of these often puts us in front of real f ashion drama . Yes, because with high temperatures the desire for freshness and practicality replaces the desire to wear structured outfits.

For this reason, when choosing clothes to wear in the summer, we must always pay the utmost attention to fabrics . And, fortunately, we have a real ally against heat and humidity: linen. Let's find out together what are the must-have clothing items to wear immediately.

Linen clothing: the must-haves of the summer

Holidays, evening outings and walks outside the city: summer pushes us to live many outdoor experiences. The real problem arises precisely when we have to create comfortable and fresh looks , but at the same time glamorous and trendy.

Fortunately, linen clothing helps us on this mission. Natural fibers, in fact, allow our skin to breathe and at the same time return a feeling of freshness that few other fabrics can give.

Furthermore, being an extremely versatile material , it is used for many items of clothing that allow us to create looks for every occasion.

Shorts, skirts, dresses and pants. And then, again, flounced dresses, blouses and T-shirts: the choice is wide and adapts perfectly to needs and preferences. We just have to choose the garments that best suit our style to show off fresh and super glamorous outfits.

All linen: the clothing items to buy now

There is no doubt: linen clothing items are the must-haves of the summer, the ones that will accompany us during the holidays, trips out of town, work and walks in the city at any time of day and evening .

But what are the essential items to show off for our next looks? Let's start with the dresses , which can be long or short, but which have in common a fluidity that does not constrain the silhouette, but gently embraces it. Yes also to the extra large version, especially for those who do not want to give up practicality.

There is no shortage of shorts, the favorite summer garments, which can be in white or colored linen. For the evening, instead, space for lengths: try combining linen trousers with a blouse or top to show off a super glamorous, elegant and sophisticated outfit.

And when the temperatures drop in the evening and the scorching rays of the sun give way to the cool breeze, show off a linen jacket or blazer for a formal yet practical and fresh outfit.

As we have seen, there are so many linen garments and they all adapt to personal needs, whether you have chosen to spend your holidays in the city or by the sea. But they also adapt perfectly to more formal and professional situations, allowing us to create looks suitable for the office.

The linen shirt

A separate paragraph deserves the linen shirt , a must-have item for the summer. This garment is a real evergreen that can never be missing in the wardrobe at home. It is a truly iconic piece that can be worn on any occasion.

Long or short sleeves? Regardless of the choice, freshness is guaranteed. The advice is to opt for light colors like white and beige, but don't be afraid to be daring even with more energetic colors like yellow, red and orange.

Are you undecided on which garments to buy? Take a look at our personal selection of linen clothing that can be purchased directly on our online shop!