Summer brings with it only two certainties: the desire to experience open spaces and that of wearing fresh, light and very short clothing, such as miniskirts.

They are, in fact, the real stars of the season together with the much loved shorts. There are the wallet ones, those in denim and those with flounces, the monochromatic ones and the very colorful ones. 

The models are many and the temptation to buy them all will be really high. But what is certain is that the summer miniskirts will be our companions for this very hot season. Let's find out together.

Summer miniskirts: why choose them

Why we like summer miniskirts so much is easy to say. They allow us to uncover our legs and stay fresh, to show our tan and to create fresh, feminine and sensual looks to wear on any occasion.

Among the models, colors and details that characterize the numerous proposals this summer there is only one certainty, that of the length that never exceeds the knee. Otherwise, what miniskirts would they be?

As we have mentioned, this item of clothing allows us to create extremely versatile summer looks to show off during the day and in the evening, for an aperitif by the sea or a day of shopping with friends.

But how to choose the right model to enhance the silhouette ? We will reveal it to you.

Summer miniskirts: selection guide

As with all the other items of clothing we wear during the hot season, the rule is to pay attention to fabrics and colors .

To guarantee an anti-heat outfit, the advice is to choose fresh and light fabrics such as cotton and linen. Better to put aside black too , at least for everyday looks, to avoid attracting the warm rays of the sun.

For the rest, let yourself be inspired by the many proposals on the market to find the model that best suits your body and your personality.

Among the trendy ones we cannot fail to point out the wallet models to be combined with blouses, short-sleeved t-shirts and the beloved crop tops. Added to these are also the summer miniskirts in denim and those in linen.

If the need is to create elegant and timeless looks , the advice is to opt for tight miniskirts with classic lines: they will serve to enhance all your femininity. The alternative, on the other hand, is given by the more flared models, even better if with flounces and flounces, which will allow you to create fresh, cheerful and super original outfits .

As anticipated, the summer miniskirts are extremely versatile and can be worn on any occasion, you just need to choose the right accessories . Sneakers and shopping bags for daytime looks, jewel sandals, even flat ones, and shoulder bags to have a perfect evening outfit.