What if I told you that there is a passe-partout item of clothing that you can wear all winter and that becomes strategic for creating party looks? His name is cardigan and I'm sure he needs no introduction.

Absolute protagonist of the colder seasons, this versatile item of clothing can be worn on any occasion. In addition to characterizing the look, it allows the most cold to create a cold-proof clothing.

Cardigan - the trend of the season

There are the long ones, the maxi ones and the cropped ones which, I confirm, are the favorites of celebrities and influencers. But the truth is that regardless of length, cardigans remain strategic items of clothing to wear right away.

In addition to being the great allies of the cold season , in fact, they can be used right now to create party outfits , regardless of your plans. They can be worn at home, for a glamorous and comfy look, or at a company dinner and, again, for an aperitif in the center with friends.

This year's trend brought ardigan cropped to the fore. They can be simple or characterized by stylish details such as puff sleeves, embroidery or jewel buttons. 

The favorites, however, remain the long and wide ones , perfect to wear on any occasion. In addition to being beautiful to look at, they are also very hot and therefore essential for those who suffer from the cold.

Winter cardigans: which ones to choose for party looks

If you want to start thinking about the winter wardrobe for the change of season, and you want to take advantage of a passe-partout garment to wear even during the holidays - from New Year to Christmas - then the cardigan is at the top of the list of things to buy.

If you want to take advantage of all the versatility of this wool jacket, then the advice is to opt for basic models and neutral colors , so you can combine it with many looks, from the more formal ones to those to show off in your free time.

If you are a fashion addicted and want to ride the trends, immediately put a cropped cardigan in your cart that leaves the belly and back uncovered. If you are particularly cold, do not worry, you can combine your cardigan with longer tops and sweaters.

Are you undecided on which one to buy? Take a look at my personal selection at the bottom of the article and get inspired!