The calendar reminds us that by now the new season is coming and summer is already a distant and nostalgic memory. The time for procrastination is over: it is necessary to renew the wardrobe.

Short, billowing dresses, as well as shorts, are making way for clothing fields where lengths rule the day. But it is not yet time to put aside crop tops, blouses and billowing shirts, as long as these are paired with blazers.

Yes because they, and always they, are the absolute protagonists of this autumn. Versatile, casual and beautiful garments, perfect for back to work.

Back to work: office wear

Every season change, we know, triggers a real fashion drama. But September's seems perhaps the most difficult of all. The reason is quickly said: all the fault of the return to routine, and back to work, or back to school for the very young.

Not even time to unpack, in fact, that we are already forced to think about the looks towear to go back to work, or back to school.

Fortunately, however, there are some evergreen garments that become our best allies with every change of season, such as the irreplaceable blazer.

That unstructured blazer, characterized by soft lines and flowing fit, in fact, is perfect for creating comfortable, casual, yet extremely glamorous looks to wear every day and for every engagement, including professional ones.

Blazers: fall trends

The best time to stock up on blazers is now. With the imminent arrival of autumn, in fact, this jacket will become our best ally.

There are so many combinations, especially in the case of monochromatic models. Blazers, in fact, look good with everything: with jeans and skirts, but also with dresses.

That's why they can be worn for work, solving the back-to-work drama, but also during moments to devote to leisure time.

It is the trends that are depopulating on the web, and not only, that reveal to us what the must-have models are. We find the great classics, the ones that never go out of fashion, and the oversize models, perfect for creating everyday and comfortable looks. There are also those that, enriched with details, really make a difference and will allow you to create super trendy outfits.

As for colors, on the other hand, dark hues are back, including black (to be worn even in winter). Brown, gray and blue never go out of fashion, but these classic colors are also joined by brighter hues to color the rainy season.

How to wear blazers

As we anticipated, the blazer can be worn over everything and easily matched with every other piece of clothing.

During the last days of summer, for example, colorful blazers can be chosen to be worn in combination with Bermuda shorts and tops, for casual and super comfy looks. wear

For work, on the other hand, mix and match are plenty. Beyond the colors, which can be more or less traditional, blazers go perfectly with shirts, blouses and t-shirts, as far as the top is concerned, and with palazzo pants, skinny models and jeans.

Free, too, to wear the shoes you most prefer. Blazers look great with sneakers, flat sandals and heeled shoes.

If you are here to renew your closet, then, get inspired by our personal selection of blazers for fall that you can find at the end of the article, and that you can buy directly in our online store.