Sweaters, coats, cardigans and woolen dresses: these are the perfect allies of the cold season, the ones that allow us to face the days in style without sacrificing the comfort of a warm embrace. But they are not the only ones. Along with them, in fact, there is also pinstripe fabric, the unexpected star ofwinter 2024.

Winter 2024: the return of pinstripes

It never really went out of fashion. In fact, pinstripe fabric is a timeless classic, one of those evergreens destined to return cyclically or never to leave us. Certainly never, as this winter, does it seem to have returned to dictate the trends of the season.

Just look at the looks of celebrities and influencers to understand how, that thin-striped fabric always looks extremely contemporary, refined and elegant. Super chic, and with a vintage touch, pinstripe has been reused, reinterpreted and declined in so many versions.

We find it on skirts and pants, suits, jackets and even outerwear. Different patterns, colors and garments: you are spoiled for choice. And if until recently the pinstripe fabric was relegated only to the formal aspects of our lives, the proposals for winter 2024 show us that it is also and especially perfect for leisure time.

Pinstripe: when and how to wear it

Pinstripe fabric needs no interpretation. Chalk striped, as it is called in English, is characterized by thin, delicate stripes placed on a dark background that resemble precisely those made with chalk, hence the name.

Chalk-striped fabric can be made of cotton, flannel or wool, as well as cashmere or viscose. What is certain is that, declined in any way, it always returns a timeless elegance.

Since its popularity, pinstripe has been widely used to create suits, especially for the men's closet, distinguished by charm and formality. Over time, however, the weave spread to women's clothing as well, allowing women to create professional, assertive looks suitable especially for formal events.

Eventually, however, pinstripe hit the streets and won her over with its vintage charm. Although it remains an extremely refined pattern, a symbol of formal elegance, it has been chosen by so many people for leisure as well.

Themix and match are many, and the experimented versatility of the fabric has made it a versatile and striking element. Suits, for example, can be broken up to create new and novel looks to show off at the office or in leisure time.

Conversely, however, jacket and pants together create a feminine, elegant and sophisticated outfit: perfect for any formal occasion. And what about the pinstripe blazer? The most beloved jacket ever, embellished with this weave, is perfect for adding a touch of class to any look.

The pinstripe trouser is also configured as an extremely versatile garment. Choose your favorite color and match it with the weave: the many possible combinations will surprise you. Our favorite? Pinstripe pants with a lilac blouse.

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