If it is true that spring is the season in which we can show off denim clothing, it is also true that we can also do it in summer thanks to light jeans.

Having said goodbye to the dark colors and the traditional nuances of this fabric, we can look at total white, but also at all those neutral shades that blend perfectly with high temperatures and the desire for lightness.

Perfect in many combinations, to be worn during the day or in the evening, let's find out together which are the must-have models for this summer.

White jeans: elegance and glamor

We have already said, we don't have to give up jeans in the summer as long as you pay attention to the fabrics and colors.

The material, in fact, lightens , while the shades become light, indeed very clear.

The absolute star of the beautiful station is white jeans , the king of light jeans. The models are the ones we love most, from the skinny to the cropped ones, passing through the wide ones.

There is no shortage of refined details, from the most precious for elegant and glamorous looks to rock and casual ones, such as fringed edges.

Light jeans: the colors

Pink, beige, light green and baby blue: these are the protagonist colors of the summer , the same ones that characterize the light jeans we fell in love with.

Nuances, these, which can be worn at any time of day and evening and which are perfect for any occasion.

The combinations, then, are many. From total color looks through daring and original mix and match ready to shine under the summer sun.

Light jeans: the summer models

But what are the light jeans models to wear this summer ?

Among those most in vogue we certainly find the cropped , high-waisted and narrow models that come down softly to the ankle, so as to leave it uncovered. They can be combined with sneakers - to fill up on comfort - but also with high heels for more sophisticated looks.

If you like the idea of uncovering the ankles, but prefer a model that highlights your silhouette, opt for light skinny jeans to show off at any time of day or evening.

If you are looking for an informal and practical look to wear every day, then, you can choose long light jeans with turn-ups (also do it yourself). The winning mix and match, in this case, is given by the logoed t-shirt and sneakers.

Last, but not least of course, there are jeans with tears, which can be tight and screwed, or with softer lines. These models are perfect for those looking for practicality but want to dare with a glamorous and rock look.

Before leaving, let yourself be inspired by our personal selection that you find here, at the bottom of the article.