He is back among the trends of this year: the iconic and indispensable crop top , the garment par excellence of the summer.

Open belly - even better if already tanned - to show off a glamorous, practical and above all fresh look .

Sea or mountains, distant travels or city holidays: regardless of how you spend this summer, the crop top will always be with you. Here are the models to buy now .

The must-have crop top

It is called a crop top and it is that item of clothing that strictly involves uncovering the belly and even the stomach.

These are basically short t-shirts with short sleeves or sleeveless, but also with thin or thick straps, to be worn at any time of the day or evening.

This year's trends ask us to dare a little more . The crop tops of the summer, in fact, become even more mini, as if to replace our bras. 

However, there are also slightly longer models for those who want to discover just a little belly. The combinations, on the other hand, are infinite. These items of clothing, in fact, are perfect with trousers and shorts, but also with skirts, both in mini and maxi versions. 

Crop top: all possible combinations

As we have anticipated, the mix and match are many : the crop tops, in fact, look good on everything.

These super short tops are perfect when worn with very high waisted trousers or skirts . In this case, in fact, only a small part of the stomach is left uncovered and a rather elegant and seductive look is also obtained.

If, on the other hand, you want to recreate a jaunty outfit, perhaps to show off for a walk in the city or for an aperitif by the sea, then also opt for a low-waisted shorts or trousers. The wow effect is however guaranteed.

Which crop tops to choose this summer

They are comfortable, practical, fresh and super versatile, crop tops have only one big flaw, that of being addictive.

It will be really difficult, in fact, to choose among the many models proposed among the summer trends. What we can tell you, however, is that regardless of your style and preferences, you will find the best model for you.

There are, in fact, sporty cut c rop tops , for all people who are looking for practicality in everyday life, without giving up a chic look . In this case you can opt for models with crosses behind the back or with particular necklines and combine them with jeans or sports trousers.

On the other hand, those who want to show off a super glamorous ook during the summer evenings will be spoiled for choice. In this case you can opt for a crop top with bright colors and bold lengths. Maybe even with some more details.

Last, but not least, are the single-color crop tops, perfect for creating elegant or formal looks . In this case, you can also rely on black, especially for evening events, alternatively opt for pastel and delicate colors. The best match, in this case, is the one given by the crop top and high-waisted palazzo pants.

Do you want some style ideas? Let yourself be inspired by our personal selection that you find at the end of this article. All the models you see can be purchased on the site.