There is only one time of year that sends us into a crisis more than the midseasons, and that is the one that straddles right between the end of one and the beginning of the other. And September is one of them.

Although the calendar confirms that autumn is still a while away, summer vacation is already a distant memory. And just now that the routine is back to take over our days, here comes the usual fashion drama: how to dress?

The solution comes directly from influencers and fashion addicts who, just in these days, have unveiled the must-have item for September. It is bermuda shorts, the casual and versatile pants to wear now.

Bermuda shorts, why you should wear them now

Now that the days are starting to get shorter, and the temperatures to cool down, it's time to rethink our closet. Shorts and miniskirts make way for lengths, which are definitely more appropriate for this time of year. And among the must-have items appear them: bermudas.

These baggy shorts that reach just above the knees have become a true evergreen over the years. The reason is easy to guess: they are convenient , practical and comfortable, but most importantly, they can be worn on any occasion.

Bermuda shorts made of linen or cotton are perfect for the end of the summer season. These fabrics, fresh and light, can be worn even and especially during the beautiful days of September, those when the sun is still the protagonist.

Bermuda shorts: the trendy models

As we said, what makes Bermuda shorts an evergreen and must-have garment is precisely their versatility. These pants, in fact, can be worn for work, for formal occasions and even for leisure moments. It's all about choosing the best mix and match.

The trends straddling the summer and fall seasons tell us about fluid, practical and lightweight modelsthat can be worn day and night. Even better if high-waisted.

Unmissable, for all denim lovers, denim Bermuda shorts, perfect to wear even during the first weeks of autumn.

Fluid models, we said, and monochromatic colors: these are the trends to follow for those who want to create glamorous and super cool looks.

A trend, this one, that allows us to match our Bermuda shorts at their best, and with any garment. Blouses and blouses are perfect for all those who want to create elegant and romantic outfits, while crop tops and half-sleeved t-shirts are ideal for those who want to propose a casual chic look.

And, again, Bermuda shorts will perfectly suit both flat shoes and sandals with heels. All you have to do is to choose the clothing items you like best and mix them with these pants.

If you do not have bermuda shorts in your closet, then, now is the best time to go shopping. Below you will find our personal selection to buy directly from our online store.